A Remedy for Wits' End?

by tracy  |  21.04.17 | 2:09

What if I told you there was a remedy that could help you when you have passed the limits of your endurance?  Whether it's with your kids or your boss, did you know there is something safe and natural to take when you are really afraid you are going to lose it and do something you will regret?

The Bach remedy called CHERRY PLUM is exactly the right thing for anyone who is afraid of completely losing control. If you have ever had to lock yourself in the bathroom to avoid smacking your child, this is for you. If you feel you are 10 seconds from dramatically upending your desk, hurling your phone across the room and screaming "I quit!", this is for you. If you struggle to manage your temper in any kind of situation, this is for you. If you succumb to a strong attraction to things that are not good for you, be it food, drink, tobacco or recreational drugs, this is for you!

Incredibly, this is also the remedy for children who tantrum out of control, who hurt themselves or adults they love, who break their own toys.

Dr. Bach said this was the remedy for those who fight the impulse to do things they don't even really want, and know are wrong. Wouldn't it be lovely if a little flower could help us through times like that? Put just a few drops of CHERRY PLUM in a little water and see what it can do for you, or for your child. It should help restore at least a little calm right away. Repeat for a few days or weeks to change a long-term pattern of behaviour. If you don't get the desired result from this, don't despair -  there are other Bach remedies that might match your particular situation more precisely!


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