Bach Remedies for Mother and Daughter

by tracy  |  11.04.17 | 22:58
Bach Flowers are among my very favourite medicines because they are so very gentle but really effective. They are prescribed based solely on an emotional picture so they are very simple to use. Here are a few that I have chosen especially for situations that can relate particularly well to moms and their girls.


CHERRY PLUM is for anyone who feels overwhelmed with big emotions and fears losing control. Great for moms who are losing patience with their kids, or girls having big hormonal swings with all the emotional instability that can bring. It's for those who feel afraid to talk about their feelings, or who just can't express how they are feeling.


CRAB APPLE is the best remedy to help girls who suffer from a really poor self image. In particular, this remedy addresses feelings of being unattractive or even dirty and has been known to help with compulsive washing, facial cleansing or fear of germs.


LARCH is the remedy of self confidence for those who feel they can't do anything right, or that nothing they do can ever succeed. Most mothers lose confidence in their parenting skills at some point or other, and this remedy can be a big help in putting you back in a confident place.


WALNUT is great protection for times of major transition, like changing schools, moving away, breaking or forming new relationships or starting a new job.


VINE is for those with strong leadership qualities who become dictatorial, demanding, or even bullying when under stress - either at home or in social situations. Vine can put them back into place as strong personalities who don't overwhelm others around them!


RED CHESTNUT is for those who are overwhelmed with concern for the safety or wellbeing of others. Sometimes it's because the bond is so strong, you take on the problems or pain of others as if it were your own. Any mother who has ever accompanied a child through a painful breakup can probably relate! Some children could get into this state as well if a parent is ill or in ongoing emotional distress.


WATER VIOLET is for the girl who won't share her troubles, who prefers to be alone even when in obvious need of support. This remedy is a lovely way to help a girl you love who isn't even at the point of being able to ask for help, but who really needs it!


Bach Flower remedies are available at many health food stores. You can take them alone or in combination. A few drops in a glass of water can be sipped at intervals, or just regularly throughout the day. There is a lot of information available online to help you choose the right ones, but sometimes it helps to have a practitioner ask specific questions to narrow down the search. I love working with these remedies, so don't hesitate to call me.
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