Is Aluminum Destroying Our Daughters?

by tracy  |  24.04.17 | 2:44

What can make a beautiful girl want to stop eating, or to cut herself secretly? Naturally, every case has its own context and I don't mean to solve such a complex problem with a simplistic answer. What I am really asking is why more and more young girls are expressing the emotional turmoil of the teen years in these self-destructive ways. I wonder if there is a common denominator that could be producing such behaviour on a grand scale?

We know that aluminum is a toxin which can result in Alzheimer's and Autism, but there are some other symptoms of aluminum poisoning that might surprise you. In homeopathic medicine, each remedy has hundreds or even thousands of symptoms that have been carefully catalogued over 200 years. Some of them are from accidental poisonings recorded in the medical literature and some are from homeopathic 'provings' of the remedy done with potentized, dynamic versions of the substance. This is done to determine and record the effects of each medicine on "healthy persons", according to the law of similars which states that "Like Cures Like" and is the philosophical foundation of the practice of homeopathy.

In my homeopathic repertory, or book of symptoms, I find the following symptoms listed for Alumina:

Inconsolable Anxiety

Aversion to the company of friends and loved ones

Confused about one's own identity

Delusions about one's body being larger than it really is

Desire to run away

Bored, time passes too slowly

Overpowering panic attacks

Fear of one's own impulses

Feeling friendless

And one symptom from Samuel Hahnemann himself, who proved this remedy on himself and his colleagues:

Impulse to cut oneself with a knife

In my opinion, this collection of symptoms could definitely describe many teenage girls who struggle with a destructive and unrealistic body-image, low self-confidence, difficult relationships and most dramatically, a desire to cut themselves.

But, where would someone come across enough aluminum in everyday life to develop symptoms?

Aluminum is used in some MEDICINES as an agent to open the blood-brain barrier in cases where the ingredients need to reach the brain to be effective. This is one of the reasons many people oppose using it for a different purpose in CHILDHOOD VACCINES - it inadvertently gives the vaccine ingredients direct access to the brain! Another reason is that aluminum that reaches the brain is never excreted, so even very tiny amounts build up over time, hence the concerns regarding Alzheimer's. Even if there is no evident injury from vaccination at the time, it can set the stage for a future sensitivity to the presence of aluminum in other products.

After vaccine exposure, one of the main culprits is ANTIPERSPIRANTS. If you look closely at the labels, aluminum is actually the main active ingredient in all antiperspirants (except the natural rock kind). The thin skin of the sensitive underarm area is an ideal place to put something you want to absorb into your body! Most kinds of plain DEODORANT, by contrast, are relatively safe but they don't reduce the amount of perspiration, just the odor. Unfortunately, it has become a cultural imperative in North America for women and girls to look like they never sweat! In addition, most deodorants are made with a more masculine fragrance, but there are some suitable for girls and women if you look hard. Here is a list of some that are available:

List of aluminum free deodorant brands

There are many reasons not to block perspiration, but the main one is that it is an important way for our body to get rid of toxins. Think about it, if you could take a drug to stop moving your bowels, it might be convenient, but not very smart in the long run! We need to perspire, and we can bathe to keep ourselves fresh. In hot weather or after exercise, we might need to wash more frequently, but we definitely don't want to exchange body odor for anything on that long list of symptoms above!

Other common sources of aluminum in our daily life include cooking in aluminum POTS and pans, ANTACIDS like Maalox (TUMS is better from this point of view), CANNED FOOD (especially tomatoes because of their high acidity), and TOOTHPASTE (there are many natural ones available with no aluminum).

I don't mean to suggest that homeopathic Alumina is the remedy for girls who cut themselves, but we can't ignore the fact that so many of our young women are suffering from symptoms that match the ones above. If we can identify how to avoid toxic products that we know can produce such an array of symptoms, we would do well to do everything in our power to make it a priority to choose healthier alternatives!


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